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Your safety is without doubt our top priority. Our aim is to go beyond and exceed the standards required by inspecting bodies.

Our operating standards contain summaries of our Safety Management Systems and procedures with regard to all the courses and activities operated through our centres. These have been designed to ensure that we meet all legal requirements and detail clearly the operating and health and safety standards, which must be met to meet our high standards, requirements and ensure consistency. But this isn’t just a box ticking exercise, most importantly they are designed to keep people safe.

Our Safety Management Systems are regularly monitored and reviewed using experienced Senior Managers and experts from within the education and outdoor industry. Should you require any further information on our operating procedures, standards or our safety management please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 246 1858.

If required, we are happy to organise an inspection visit to our centres to allow you to review the centre and facilities.


Accommodation & Activities Standards

Accommodation and transport (where applicable)

We check that all suppliers we work with hold the relevant and valid licenses, qualifications, insurances and comply with the regulations and requirements of the appropriate Governing Bodies, along with our own safety standards. Senior Managers and external consultants complete the relevant safety checklists for all of our accommodation and any provided transport services.



All of our activities conform to Governing and Inspecting Body Guidelines, this includes the completion activity delivery and equipment assessment paperwork. Adventure Central senior staff, managers and external consultants with assistance from specialist Technical Advisors take part in the completion of activity monitoring, staff training and self-audit checklists. This ensures that our operation and delivery goes beyond the standards set out by Governing and Inspecting Bodies.


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment summaries are generated from a formal risk assessment programme carried out by senior managers at each centre. All completed centre risk assessments are reviewed by the operations team to ensure continuity and consistency.

All risk assessments are conducted prior to the opening of each new season and are reviewed automatically after any significant change.

Such changes may be brought about by:

a.) Environmental change

b.) Personnel changes

c.) Client group change

d.) Any incident that may occur

e.) A development in the infrastructure of the centre.


Control Measures

It is our standard practice to introduce suitable control measures to address medium and high-risk ratings. Only low levels of risk are tolerated.



Our risk assessment processes are subject to inspection by relevant Governing Bodies, membership and affiliate’s organisations.



We provide insurance that is specifically designed to cover all the activities within Adventure Central itineraries, covering off ground, land based and water based activities. Adventure Central is an Appointed Representative of Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority Rules and our policy includes the following cover:

  • emergency medical expenses – up to £10million
  • cancellation or curtailment – up to £3,000
  • personal accident – up to £25,000
  • personal possessions – up to £1,500
  • personal money – up to £200
  • personal liability – up to £2million
  • organiser’s liability – up to £10million
  • legal advice and expenses – up to £25,000

It is of crucial importance that you read and check the policy in full prior to booking and that you have a good understanding of the level of cover that your group will be provided with.

It is a requirement of the travel insurance policy that the referral helpline is contacted at the time of booking to declare any pre-existing medical conditions of people within your group and for a decision on cover (and this also includes a pre-existing health condition of a close relative who may not be travelling, but on whom the travel plans may depend). The Referral Helpline telephone number is given in the policy wording. An age exemption applies for people under 18 years as part of the group but only at the time of booking and where you are travelling in the UK only. As part of your insurance documentation, the Organiser Letter is for you as party leader, and also provides you with a quick reference guide on who, and when a person should contact the Referral Helpline. Full details are also given under the DISCLOSURE OF PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS and NEW MEDICAL CONDITION OR CHANGE IN MEDICAL CONDITION OR ONGOING MEDICATION sections of the policy wording.

We would also recommend that you provide copies of the policy to all group leaders and parents / guardians, to ensure that they too are aware of the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. Full Policy details are available in the download section of the website.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 246 1858.

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Once you know your preferred dates and approximate pupil numbers, all you need to do is call or email and our Trip Coordinators will assist you through the following school-friendly process… read more